Friday, October 17, 2014

PFSense Installation on XenServer

PFSense Installation notes, how to install from scratch on a XenServer:
To install Pfsense on Xenserver you have to disable all of the network interfaces, the boot from the ISO and enter install mode by typing 'I' during the 10 seconds it prompts you.  If you don't disable the NIC's it will hang at 38% on the install.  

Then finish the install and enable the 2 interfaces and removed the mounted CD and reboot.

NOTE: You will not be able to connect to the web configurator via the wan interface or ping it, it is disabled by default.   You will have to start by using the LAN interface.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Outlook Reminders Not Popping Up on All Computers for only one User

I just had this very rare issue that Google was not able to help me with.  I wanted to post it hear in case others have this same issue.

I have about 10 computers that have outlook installed on them and they are mix of mostly outlook 2010 and 2013, most are in cached mode but some are in online mode.  They are all connected to my user account which is the only place I was seeing the issue.

My issue was that no reminders were showing up and I was missing a lot of important tasks.  They were still showing up on my Android and iPhone but not on any of my Windows systems with Outlook.

I tried the following steps on some of my 10 machines, but it did not fix the issue.
- Checking to make sure Reminders are enabled by going to File > Options and confirming it is checked.
- Running the clean reminders switch. Outlook /cleanreminders
- Running the reset folders switch. Outlook /resetfolders
- I have downloaded and ran the MFCMAPI tool and followed instructions from Allan on this link:

None of these steps fixed my issue.  This was only affecting my user and I manage the exchange server so I could not figure out what was going on.

Until I found a virtual machine in my environment that I had disabled outlook reminders on, not realizing that it would disable reminders on all of my systems running outlook.  This machine was in Online mode running Outlook 2010, but most of my other machines are 2013 in cached mode.

So the solution is to check all machines that are connected to the user to make sure reminders are enabled because if you disable it on one machine and that profile stays connected it will immediately dismiss all reminders and you will not see them on any other computers.

Here is the setting below:
- Checking to make sure Reminders are enabled by going to File > Options and confirming it is checked.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Annoying Google Chrome Freezes Entire Machine

So I'm sure many other people are experiencing issues with Google Chrome freezing everything on your computer for a couple of seconds nearly every 5-10 seconds. This only happens when Chrome is open though. Well for awhile I just didn't use Chrome and stuck with Firefox but I finally researched it and found out that it is an application conflict with Airfoil. Apparently Airfoil has an issue with its latest version v3.3.2 as of 10/25/12. The issue is with the instant on function of Airfoil. If your like me and enable it you will have problems. So I have disabled the instant on function of Airfoil and I haven't had any problems since. This isn't the first time that I've had these types of issues with Airfoil. I think I have finally learned my lesson to stop upgrading Airfoil every time it alerts me of a new update. It is very apparent that the Airfoil developers do NOT do very good testing on there product before releasing it with issues to the public. I hope this helps others out there.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

SBS 2008 Server Annoying Error

Event Details:  
The application-specific permission settings do not grant Local Activation permission for the COM Server application with CLSID {61738644-F196-11D0-9953-00C04FD919C1} to the user NT AUTHORITY\NETWORK SERVICE SID (S-1-5-20) from address LocalHost (Using LRPC). This security permission can be modified using the Component Services administrative tool.
to NT AUTHORITY\NETWORK SERVICE account as follows:
  • In Administrative tools, open Component Services and expand Component Services, Computers, My Computer, DCOM Config
  • Look for the IIS WAMREG Admin Service
  • Right click and select Properties and then select the Security tab
  • Click Edit under Launch and Activation Permissions
  • Add the Network Service user
  • Add Local Activation rights
  • Click OK twice
  • Close Component Services

Monday, November 28, 2011

Android email app review and why I'm using the standard email application

Android email application review and why I'm using the Standard email application

I'm going to concentrate on the three major email applications that I know of for Android Standard Email, Enhanced Email, Touchdown by Nitrodesk.  

First I would like to explain this is only my quick thoughts about the product about my viewpoint, I may not be correct in all of my assumptions below.  

My setup consists of an HTC EVO 4G running on the Sprint network.  I'm currently running Cyanogen Mod Nightly's.  I'm also evaluating only the Active Sync Exchange Server connections for Exchange 2003 and 2007.  I'm not using any POP or IMAP connnections.

1. First I will start with NitroDesk Touchdown pro's and cons
• Sync's all content with many nice options.
•  Very reliable sync
• Has a tablet edition of the software
• Supports email encryption
• Costs $20
• Does not sync calendar with built in Android calendar application.  You have to use the touchdown application to view the calendar.
• Does not sync Outlook Notes
2. Second are the Enhanced Email pro's and cons
• Has a some nice options
• Will automatically download the pictures, but will only do it when you go into read it. 
? If you ask me it should download the pictures before I view it because by the time I get to reading the email and deleting it the pictures still haven't load… Junk if you ask me
• Costs $10 (Amazon App store had it for the free app of the day in November)
• Does not sync contacts properly for the 6 months that I used it
• Does not sync when an email has been read to the server from the phone.
? Just a note that the Standard email app is free and does these two items above
• The speed of the application is very slow compared to the Standard email app and Touchdown
• Does not mark the emails as read after reading each email on mobile device.  So if I delete the item, I have to go into outlook and mark all items in my deleted items as read all of the time… ANNOYING!!!
• Does not sync Outlook Notes
• Sync is not as reliable as the standard email sync.
• Does not have a tablet edition of the software
3. Lastly hear are the Standard Email application pro's and cons
• Comes with the Android OS pre installed.
• Sync's all content with many nice options.
• Costs FREE!!!
• Very reliable sync
• Does not automatically download pictures when using Exchange 2007 or 2003, I'm not sure about 2010.
• Does not sync Outlook Notes
• Does not have a tablet edition of the software
After you reading this you can probably understand why I am currently using the standard email application on my Android phone.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Brother Printer Toner Reset 9320CW

How to reset Brother 9320CW toner
1. With power on, open the toner access main door (You will get a “door open” message in the LCD.)
2. Hit the “Clear/Back” button and… ta-dah!!! you go right to the “Toner Reset Menu”
3. Using the up ^ Down > “Search” arrow buttons, you can then scroll through reset options for each of the printer’s [4] toner cartridges!
Code: K. = black; C. = cyan; M. = magenta and Y. = yellow
4. For each for these cartridges, there is the option to reset for STD (standard?) or STR (high yield?). I selected STD for all toners.
5. Using the number keypad, select option #1 for RESET.
6. Hit the “Clear/Back” button to get out of the menu, close door and all toners are working like new ones.
then your original toners are continuing to work.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Viper Key FOB replacement Pairing\Programming

So I recently went through the fun of programming a new 7251V Viper 2-Way LE Responder
Remote Replacement for my Prius. I figured I would save anyone else out there the trouble that I had with the programming. I noticed all of the information on the internet was not enough to actually get it working on a Prius. So here is how I got it working on my 2009 Toyota Prius.

1st you need to enter the remote into progamming Hold the Function button until the remote gives a long beep and LED light comes on the remote a (it takes about 8 sec.) Then press and hold the remote start buttom until the remote beeps 3 times and LED lights up. Now your ready to program the remote, you have 60 seconds to do the steps in the next 2 paragraphs.

One of the door has to be open . Turn on Prius so it says "Ready" and the ignition is fully on (this is the important part that none of the other forums talks about, the car must be running). As soon as you turn the car on you have 5 seconds to do the next step which is to press and release the control center button (Control center is just the antenna that is mounted on you windshield, it should have a blue light and a button that you can press). After you have done that you have another 5 seconds to press and hold the button after roughly 5 seconds of holding the button down the blue light will start blinking and if you have the system hooked up to more than just remote start and doors you may hear a chirp or horn honk, but in my case neither apply so I had to watch for the blinking light because that was my only indication.

Then you need to press the lock button on the remote and you will hear a success tone from the remote and maybe a chirp from the Viper system. After you are done with that you can turn the car off and hit the function button twice to exit and save the programming\paring information.

Does that help? I know this info would have helped me big time when I was going through it so I hope I can help others.