Thursday, October 25, 2012

Annoying Google Chrome Freezes Entire Machine

So I'm sure many other people are experiencing issues with Google Chrome freezing everything on your computer for a couple of seconds nearly every 5-10 seconds. This only happens when Chrome is open though. Well for awhile I just didn't use Chrome and stuck with Firefox but I finally researched it and found out that it is an application conflict with Airfoil. Apparently Airfoil has an issue with its latest version v3.3.2 as of 10/25/12. The issue is with the instant on function of Airfoil. If your like me and enable it you will have problems. So I have disabled the instant on function of Airfoil and I haven't had any problems since. This isn't the first time that I've had these types of issues with Airfoil. I think I have finally learned my lesson to stop upgrading Airfoil every time it alerts me of a new update. It is very apparent that the Airfoil developers do NOT do very good testing on there product before releasing it with issues to the public. I hope this helps others out there.

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