Tuesday, October 25, 2011

How to disable Sirius XM Timeout

If you're like me and listen to the Sirius XM online radio 24/7, then the 90 minute streaming timeout really gets annoying.  We'll I've got the solution for you.  I have done this in Chrome and Firefox and it works great.

In summary to disable the streaming timeout you need to disable the JavaScript (JS) on the page after you have started the streaming session.  It won't work if you disable JS before logging in because it requires JS to log in.

I recommend using Chrome because the Extension from this location does a great job of disabling the java only on the Sirius XM tab and other tabs can continue to use JS.

The other option if you don't like Chrome is to use the QuickJava add-on in Firefox.  Some downfalls I have seen with this is that it diables JavaScript in all tabs, and it goes on to disable JS in your other Firefox installations if you have the QuickJava Add-On installed there and enable Sync in your Firefox browser.  To use this plugin you have to make sure you go to View --> Toolbars --> Add-on Bar then you can click on the JS at the bottom of the Firefox page.


  1. This still working for you?

    I used to use XMtuner to record my shows and listen...

    The new ONDemand stuff is good ... a step in the right direction ... but I have no way to stop/pause/restart from the same location over multiple devices, and then it cuts me off from RR/FF after one or two clicks.

    Trying to figure out an easy way to make this happen.

  2. Nope, doesn't seem to work anymore. Blocking the JS disables the page. Anyone have any ideas? That timeout is super annoying.

  3. Try this!! http://www.ohyeahsoftware.com/siriusKA/siriusKA.htm Just download and launch the executable, then drag the circle into one of the stations and click Start. You will still get the warning after 90 minutes but that's it. It will keep playing indefinitely.

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  5. Recording SirusXM Online
    Once upon a time I used XM Tuner, then I used SiriusXMStreamer.
    On 2014-04-17 SXMS stopper working.
    After trying a bunch of stuff I hit on this decent solution for recording.

    1. Start SiriusXM Online player
    2. Choose the channel you want to listen to
    Your address bar will look like this:
    3. Now click Now Playing.
    Your address bar will read something like this

    4. Download and Start Replay Radio 9 ($29.95)
    5. In RR9 Skip the Quick record nonsense and click Schedule Tab
    6. Right Click and Select New to creat a show
    7. Type a name (Example WM_{Y}-{M}-{D} The YMD adds date to the name
    8. In the URL copy and paste URL from step 3 above.
    9. Set Capture to Record Audio Output
    10. Set Launch to In Tuner
    11. Set Convert and Media Folder to your choice
    12. Select Tuning Tab and add URL form Step
    and set Player to Browser
    13. Select Tags and set to your choice
    14. Right Click on show and select Start Recording