Sunday, May 1, 2011

Toyota's Seat Belt Chime\Alarm

First of all I would like to strangle Toyota for implementing the most annoying seat belt alarm. I can guarantee that does nothing to help with the safety of the car\truck. If poeple don't want to ware a seat belt an alarm isn't going to get them to start.

You know what Toyota, it's the their life if they choose not to buckle up. Me personally I always
buckle up; but yet they have succeeded in installing an alarm that is incredibly annoying even for people who use the seat belt.

So for any owner of a 2008 Toyota Tundra, here is how you disable the seatbelt alarm in less then 5 minutes. Shorter then the time I spent on this post :).

  • Detach the seat belt sensor from the back of the seat belt buckle by using a pointy object to push in this little black button and then pulling down on sensor from the seat belt buckle:

  • Next all you have to do is remove th small spring that holds the white plastic piece up. This plastic piece would be pushed down if the seat belt was inserted into the buckle. Take a small piece of tape to hold it down, because I hear that it could disable your airbag if you don't. (kind of important).

Then it is simple to insert the sensor back into the seatbelt and viola! No annoying pointless beep!!!

I'm guessing this will work for any Tundra after 2007 seeing that was the last year they made major changes to the Tundra.

UPDATE: I have found that on my 2008 Tundra I can not do this on the Passenger seat because it will disable the passenger air bag.  But it does still work on the drivers seat.  Please beware when doing the passenger seat, I tried many times and it looked like I got it working without disabling the airbag but then about a day later the air bag was disabled and would not go back on until I put the spring back in.

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